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Conversation category


What are categories?

Categories are your way to organize conversations. Each conversation is always classified under a single Category. When a conversation is created it is assigned automatically with the default category. Users can change the category at all times. A common practice is to categorize conversations by the teams or departments in your organization.

Categories that come with the app by default are:
  • Billing
  • Support (default)
  • Sales
These categories can be customized, changed and deleted according to your requirements.
Administrators can add and update categories to the list. See Categories for more information.

Where do I see the conversation’s category?

The conversation’s category is displayed in the following places:
  • In the conversation details on the sidebar.
  • When viewing the conversations as a list, you will see the category in the list

What is the default category?

When viewing the categories list, you can view which category is defined as “default”. This is the workspace default category for new conversations (each conversation is always assigned with a category).

How is the conversation’s category determined?
When a new conversation is created, the category is determined in the following order:
  • If the mailbox assigned to the conversation has a default category defined – the mailbox default category will be used for the conversation.
  • If there is a trigger defined, it will set the category and override the previous settings. Triggers are rules that may set the category according to conditions. See more details in set categories using triggers.
  • If no default category is defined for the mailbox, and no trigger sets the default category, then the category defined as the workspace default category is taken.
Workspace administrators can set the default category for the workspace. See Managing Categories for more information.

Manually set category to conversation

Category is assigned to conversations by default according to the default category, as explained above. You can set a different category when creating the conversation, and also at any other time.

To set category:
  1. In the conversation details, select the category from the top toolbar, or use y on your keyboard for a shortcut.
  2. Select the category you want to assign to this conversation.
  3. You should now see the category you selected in the sidebar.
You can also automatically set the category using triggers.

View conversation by category

To view conversation by category:
  1. Click the More menu
  2. in the toolbar.
  3. Select By category or press s then y for keyboard shortcut.
  4. Select the category you want to view.
  5. You should now see only conversations that are under the category you selected.
  6. When done, click back arrow or any other view to go back to regular view.

Categories and access rights

Categories may affect the access rights users have to conversations. Administrators can set up restrictions on conversations according to the category, from conversation access rights.

Set category using triggers

Triggers are a set of user defined rules that help you automate your work. Administrators can use triggers to automatically set a category to conversations.

See Set category using triggers for more information.