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Search conversations

Searching for conversations will find conversations in all views.

Search options

Search can be done in the following ways:

  • Free text which will search in the text and details of the conversation.

  • Search options which opens a dedicated window with more search options.

  • Quick search by which allow you to easily search by certain fields.

Searching by free text

    Search conversations
  1. Click the search box in the toolbar or press the ‘/’ keyboard shortcut.
  2. Type the text you want to search for.
  3. Press Enter or click the magnifying glass to perform the search.
  4. You should now see only conversations that match your search.
  5. To further refine the search, use the search options in the Search Box (see below).

Search options

Search options help you refine your search results:

  1. Click the Search options icon in the search box, or press s then o.
  2. Enter the search criteria you want to search by, using the search options:
    • Contact – Select a contact to view only conversations sent from a Contact.
    • Account – Select an Account to view only conversations sent from this Account.
    • Assignee – Select a user to view only their assigned conversations.
    • Team – Select a team to view conversations that are designated to this team.
    • Mailbox – Select a mailbox for conversations that were sent to a certain email address.
    • Label – Select a label to filter conversations that are assigned to it.
    • Priority – Select Priority for conversations marked as priority.
    • Status – Select the status to find “open”, “closed” or “archived” conversations.
    • Is read – Select this option to find conversations currently marked as “unread” or “read”.
    Search conversations - Options
  • Click Search to perform the search.
  • You should now see only conversations that apply to the search you have performed.
  • Search options are also available when using the app on your mobile device, so you can easily find the conversations you need when on the go.

    Quick Search by…

    You can use the quick way to search by certain fields:
    1. Click the More menu
    2. Select the filter you want to use. Options are: By assignee, by team, by label, by mailbox, by priority, by account, and by contact.
    3. Select the value you want to filter by.
    4. You should now see only conversations that apply to the values you selected.
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