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Unassigned conversations

What are unassigned conversations?

New conversations that are created by customers, may be unassigned at first. For example when they are created automatically from email, or if the customer creates the conversation using Replypad. Unassigned means there is no user assigned to this conversation. However, once a conversation is assigned to someone it cannot become unassigned again.

How do I find unassigned conversations?

Unassigned conversations appear in the Unassigned list and in the Team Inbox, both available from the main views in the top toolbar.

When viewing an unassigned conversation, the Assigned to shows: Unassigned.

Unassigned conversations list

The unassigned conversations list shows all unassigned conversation. This is the place you can find the conversations that have arrived and haven’t been handled yet.

The Unassigned list allows you to assign or take the conversation from the conversation details interface, or directly from the list.
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