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Replypad shared inbox software features

Everything you need to keep your customers happy,
your business organized, and your team efficient.

Centralized shared inboxes
Manage all shared mailboxes as a team within a single collaborative interface.
Organize all customer conversations in one place. Efficiently work as a team to handle support requests, answer sales inquiries, resolve billing issues, and more.
‘My Inbox’ magic
A private per-user unified inbox where everything relevant to you automatically shows, helping you reach a streamlined and highly efficient operation.
Teams are groups of users. They help organize and manage conversations and user access.
Add context and organize customer conversations better with labels.
Assign conversations
Assign conversations to users – manually or automatically using default assignee preferences and trigger automation workflow rules.
Saved responses
Write quality replies quickly using pre-typed complete or partial responses that may also include images and attachments.
Internal notes
Collaborate on conversations privately with your team before replying to customers. Add notes that only you and other users can see.
Quickly @mention a teammate to bring them into the conversation.
Team inbox
A unified team-level inbox helps you be on top of all conversations that need attention.
Draft messages + Autosave
As you write, Replypad automatically saves your replies. Save your work-in-progress as a draft and continue later from where you left off.
Snooze conversations to follow up or handle them later. Replypad will automatically show them in your inbox at the selected time.
Undo send
Need to stop sending a reply you’ve just posted? Click the Cancel option and resume editing your response.
Scheduled replies
Schedule when Replypad automatically emails your reply to the customer.
Priority Conversations
Prioritize conversations that require a faster response time – manually when needed or automatically using trigger automation workflow rules.
Review others’ drafts
Review, post, or edit draft replies that other users prepared.
Reply using Email
In addition to using Replypad, you can reply using your preferred email app to post replies to customers or internal messages to your team – without having to log into Replypad.
Real-time updates
Replypad automatically pushes conversation updates and displays them to you – No more manual refreshes!
Real-time collision detection
Avoid duplication with real-time updates when another user views or replies to the same conversation.
Inline images
Include images, such as screenshots, photos, and diagrams, within the content of your replies.
Attach files to your replies – documents, brochures, user guides, sales quotes, images, and more. Let recipients download attachments using a link and optionally configure your workspace to require a login before the download starts.
Follow conversations
Follow specific conversations and participate in the discussion. Follow manually or automatically using default follower settings and trigger automation rules.
Cc Recipients
Manage conversation recipients, so replies always reach everyone involved.
Bulk actions
Select multiple conversations in the list and act on them all at once! Assign, label, follow, associate with a team, and more.
Dynamic signatures
Message signatures are dynamically generated based on the workspace, mailbox, and user signature settings. It is useful when representing multiple brands or replying from different departments.
Reporting & Analytics
Analyze and improve your operations, get insights into workload distribution, team performance, and efficiency.
Powerful search
Simple and advanced search options let you quickly find conversations.
Workflows – Triggers
Trigger rules allow you to automate tasks. Automatically assign conversations, label, send messages, and more. Each trigger rule is composed of specific conditions and the actions to perform when they are met.
Undelete conversations
View and recover conversations deleted within the last 30 days using the Trash feature.
Recent Conversations
Get context. See recent conversations with the same contact or account.
Automatic archiving
Replypad automatically archives closed conversations with no update activity for 90 days. The process of archiving conversations speeds up loading times and the overall performance of your Replypad workspace.
Accounts represent your customers, organizations, or companies you service. Manage the account’s contacts, access the latest conversations, and automate with default settings.
Contacts represent the people that you service and with whom you converse. Quickly see their latest activity and start new conversations.
Account & Contact Import
Easily import your accounts and contacts into your workspace.
Link contacts to accounts
Group contacts under accounts and service them as an organization.
Mailchimp integration
Grow your audience. Manage email list members from Replypad.
Customer portal
Your customers can access your online workspace as end-users and converse with you.
wwwAccount domains
Automatically link new conversations and contacts to accounts based on the domain part of email addresses.
Outbound email archiving
Privately send a copy of all messages sent to customers to an email address of your choice. Great for use with a CRM or to satisfy archiving requirements.
Custom fields
Make it your own. Define, manage and display the customer information that matters to your team and business.
Automatic labeling
Label customer conversations of specific accounts or contacts automatically.
Pipedrive CRM integration
Access your Pipedrive CRM software data directly from Replypad.
Campaign Monitor integration
Grow your mailing lists. Manage subscriptions right from your inbox.
Privilege groups
Privilege groups determine which actions a user can or cannot perform.
Access rights
Access rights determine what data a user can or cannot access.
Audit logs
Important conversation events, such as a change of assignee, mailbox, or status, are automatically logged under the conversation history.
A mailbox receives your emails, holds them, and sends your team replies.
Keyboard shortcuts
Become a Replypad ninja! Replypad can be used almost entirely without a mouse.
Automatic responses
Acknowledge the receipt of a customer request, and let them know your business hours and when to expect a reply. Configure different responses per team mailbox.
Converse and collaborate with external teams by forwarding a conversation to them. The source and forwarded conversations automatically link to one another for streamlined navigation.
Email notifications
Get notified by email when a conversation is assigned to you, when the customer replies, and when a teammate shares their input internally. Quickly send a response by replying to the notification.
Rich text formatting
Enrich your replies with emojis 🙂 and text formatting options like bold, italic, and underline. Include links and inline images. Use different text and highlighting colors, and more.
No compromises. All features are optimized for and available on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
Personal customer experience
Customers get standard email replies from you. It is personal, without the cold, unfriendly experience of dealing with ticket numbers and automated robotic responses.

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