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Pipedrive CRM

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Access your customer’s information from Pipedrive within your email conversation in Replypad.

Replypad Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales-focused customer relationship management tool for teams of all sizes. Sales teams use Pipedrive CRM’s simple yet powerful design that prioritizes usability. With a focus on activities and opportunities, Pipedrive’s pipeline view organizes deals by stage and helps win more sales.

Replypad integrates with Pipedrive to bring information from your CRM into the conversation context in Replypad. You will no longer need to switch tools endlessly. See people and organization details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and latest notes. Learn about deals, their pipeline, stage, status, latest notes, and more.

Integrating Replypad with Pipedrive CRM makes sending better, more informed responses to your customers easier.

With this Pipedrive integration, your team has full context on each customer or prospect they respond to. The information available includes background on the individual contact and knowledge about the status of the sales process, e.g., details of open, won, and lost deals.

Pipedrive itself is also one click away. You can use the dedicated links to open the details of a specific person, organization, or deal in Pipedrive. A new browser tab opens, displaying the relevant information. Searching is not required.

Pipedrive CRM data within Replypad Conversation

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