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The One Integrated Software for Service Providers & MSPs

Service DeskShared InboxBillingAsset TrackingAutomation
An integrated software for service providers including shared inbox, service desk, billing, asset tracking, and more.
Starting out, separate tools suffice.
As you grow, challenges emerge…
Enterprise PSA software? Think twice –
it’s often complex, slow, frustrating, and expensive.
Meet Replypad

A streamlined solution for service providers that’s both powerful and lightweight.

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Brought to you by a team delivering PSA software for IT services providers and MSPs since 2004!

Easily manage busy operations

Organize all service requests and conversations in one place with clear owners.
Convert, support, and delight your customers.
Get more done as a team.

Organize all requests in one place with clear owners. Convert, support, and delight your customers. Get more done as a team.

Assign & Dispatch

Never miss or lose customer requests.
Assign service tickets to team members, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Work as a team

Efficiently coordinate and collaborate on responses to customers. @mention teammates to bring them into the conversation. Review and edit draft replies for higher accuracy.

Satisfy customers

Build stronger relationships with your customers. Get referrals, enjoy word-of-mouth and grow your business.

Get everything organized

Label, categorize and prioritize service requests.
Easily work on and navigate through a high volume of conversations.

Stay on top of your customer assets and devices.

Handle all billing aspects with ease, from recurring contracts and product charges to time tracking and invoicing directly through the app to QuickBooks.

The tool for teams to get their service business and shared inboxes organized

Save time with automation

Have Replypad work for you! Powerful automation options, such as triggers, let you automate different aspects of your business, assign conversations automatically, label them, categorize them and even automatically reply to customers when specific criteria conditions are met.

Add automation to shared email mailboxes

Become a Superhuman

Use a unified inbox tailored just for you to get more done.
Focus. No more view switching hassles.
Everything relevant to you is automatically pushed to your inbox for streamlined operation.

Handle email conversations like a pro

Discover the solution that elevates your service delivery.

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Powerful Service Desk

Enjoy the best helpdesk ticketing system. Resolve service tickets faster, automate processes, converse and collaborate, and improve customer experience.

Painless Billing

With simple yet powerful configuration options for monthly billing, custom terms and rates, time tracking, and invoicing to QuickBooks, you can simplify your billing process.

Reporting & Analytics

Get detailed insight into your team’s performance and workload distribution. Use reporting data to improve team efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Build a company customers love

More to love about your service management software!

Shared Inbox

Orchestrate, collaborate, and work together effectively as a team on customer emails sent to mailboxes like support@, info@, and sales@. Escape the chaos of unmanageable shared mailboxes, distribution lists, and email forwarding.

Asset Management

Track customer devices and software assets. Customize product configuration details, manage warranty information, log problems and incidents against assets, and view device service history.

Saved responses

Write quality responses quickly while keeping your brand’s voice consistent. Create complete or partial replies that may include images and attachments. Insert replies from your keyboard while typing.


Replypad works in real-time. You can keep your tab open all day and never have to refresh. Replypad automatically pushes conversation updates to you.

85+ Keyboard shortcuts

Become a Replypad ninja! Replypad can be used almost entirely without a mouse.

Collision detection

See who else is viewing the same conversation in real-time. Never do duplicate work again.

Contacts & Accounts (CRM)

Manage an unlimited number of contacts and accounts. Quickly see previous conversations and the activity timeline.

Recurring billing & Contracts

Handle recurring billing agreements with ease. Automate renewals, MSP contracts, time and material arrangements, “all-you-can-eat” agreements, and more.

Charges & Time tracking

Capture more billable time, log and bill for products used and services provided, and track time spent on different tasks—billable or not.

Internal notes

Chat behind-the-scenes. Collaborate on conversations privately with your team. Add notes that only you and your team can see.


Powerful search options let you quickly find past conversations, learn from them or reuse a reply for a current discussion.

Productivity tools

Snooze conversations to handle later; Schedule replies; Undo send; Bulk actions; Account & Contact import; Reply to email notifications; @mentions.

Great for local and remote teams

Collaborate on responses, review draft replies of others, real-time collision detection, search for past answers, user privileges, access rights, and more!

Never lose your work

Replies are automatically saved as you write.
Save your work-in-progress as a draft and continue later from where you left off.

Affordable and transparent pricing

No need to break the bank. Simple pricing designed for your team and changing requirements.


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Keep your customers happy, your business organized, and your team efficient.
Empower your team with a modern app for IT services providers, MSP, and technology solution providers.

Empower your team

Work efficiently, collaborate on customer conversations/service-tickets, and automate mundane tasks.

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