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Replypad is the shared inbox software for teams that provide excellent customer experiences.

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably reached a point where using Email to manage suppport@, info@, contact@, or sales@ shared inboxes is inefficient. Things fall through the cracks, there are no clear owners, and customers suffer.

And let’s face it, while Email is great for individual use, it wasn’t designed for teams, and using complicated solutions, such as help desk software, to overcome this problem is frustrating.

At the same time, you imagine a solution that plays nicely with Email, unlike one forcing you to replace it, and using your favorite Email app while conversing with customers should be encouraged, not banned.

You may have also realized that an email management solution designed for large enterprises is not for you. You don’t want a slow, complex, and overwhelming software that offers endless features you will never use, nor do you have the time required to set it up and train your team.

You imagine a fast, responsive, and easy solution to use.

We hear you! We searched for the same and evaluated many options that were supposed to help us better manage our shared inboxes as a team, but nothing even came close. This is how Replypad was born.

Replypad is the shared inbox for teams – an email management solution designed to keep your business organized, your team efficient, and your customers happy – all without breaking the bank.

We hope that you’ll give Replypad a try.

Maayan Porat, CEO, and the team at Replypad.

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