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Start a Conversation


How to create a conversation?

These are the ways to create conversations in Replypad: Important notes:
  • When a conversation is created by a user in Replypad, an email notification is sent to the customer who is listed as the To-contact, and the Cc-recipients are Cc’d on the same message. In addition, an email notification is sent to the assigned user, and to each user added as a follower. The conversation is also pushed to their Replypad inbox.
  • When a conversation is created from email, the sender and other recipients will be added as To/Cc recipients of the conversations, and will receive an auto-response email notification letting them know that their email was received in Replypad.

Create and send new conversation

  1. Click the New Conversation button in the top toolbar.
  2. Use the More then Open draft conversation in a new tab to work in a separate page.
  3. Enter the To recipient. This can be an exiting contact or a new email address that hasn’t been used yet. New email addresses will automatically create new contacts.
  4. Enter the Subject, which is the title for this conversation. It will become the email’s subject when sending email notifications.
  5. Enter the conversation content. The email content can include text, inline images, links and attachments. You can use Saved Responses to save time while editing your response.
  6. More options:
    • In toolbar at the top, you can set the following options: assign to a different user (you are assigned by default), choose a category (default category is selected), assign a label, prioritize.
    • The From at the top shows the mailbox that is selected by default for the conversation. You can click the mailbox to change from the mailbox the conversation is sent from.
    • Click Cc on the right to add more recipients.
    • Click Account on the right to associate the conversation with an specific customer account. Note that when choosing an existing contact as the To-recipient, if this contact is linked to an account, the account will be automatically linked to this conversation. Otherwise, you may want to choose a specific Account from the list. You can also leave the account empty.
  7. Click the Post button or use the Ctrl + Enter keyboard shortcut to send the message.
  8. When the conversation is created, an email notification is sent to each user added as a follower, and the conversation is added to the assignee and followers Replypad inbox.
You can attach files and images by pressing Alt then a or using the Attach icon in the toolbar. Images can also be added inline using copy-paste or drag & drop. Inline images are optimized so they won’t exceed the optimal size for sending and displaying in the app.
More ways to create conversations in Replypad:
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