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Account settings

Accounts in Replypad represent the organizations or companies you service. Each Account may have contacts linked to it, which are the people you interact with in this organization.

Account settings

  1. To view your accounts, you should be a workspace administrator or have Accounts & Contacts access rights.
  2. Click the Gear icon on the top-right corner and choose Accounts.
  3. This will display the complete accounts list.
  4. Click the account you want to edit.
  5. Edit the settings as explained below.


The account’s name is displayed whenever choosing the account in a conversation.

To edit the account’s Name, hover over the name, and click the Edit link that appears. Click Save to save your changes.


The account’s Status can be either Active or Inactive. Only Active Accounts can be selected when selecting an Account for a conversation.

To change the status of an account:
  1. Hover over the status click the Change link that appears.
  2. Choose the status you want between the toggled options.
  3. Click Save to save your changes.


The account (customer) domains, represent all the domains that email may arrive from and that belong to this account. Replypad allows up to five different domains per account.

Emails arriving from any of these domains will automatically be assigned to this account in the conversation that is created for them.
Emails arriving from a new email address or contact, that does not exist in the workspace, will also be assigned to this account, if they arrive from the customer’s domain.

Access rights

Account access rights determine which conversation will each contact that belongs to this account will see when they visit the workspace. See the account access rights settings for setup instructions.
Setting up the account access rights will determines the behavior for all contacts linked to this account. You can also set up access rights per contact to restrict a specific contact.

Default Label

Labels in Replypad let you add context and organize conversations better. Each label has a name and a color and are displayed with the conversation. Choosing a default label will automatically assign the conversation with this label when this account is selected for the conversation. This way you can mark conversations that have special meaning to you according to the account (customer).
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