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Following vs. being the assignee

You can participate in conversations in the following ways:
  • Assignee is the user that owns the conversation, the person who is responsible for resolving and closing it. All updates for this conversation are pushed to the assignee’s inbox. You can see who is the Assignee in the sidebar where it says Assigned to.
    Another way to see who is the assignee is to press the Assign button in the top toolbar, which opens the possible users list and the assignee is checked.
  • Followers are the additional users on the team who are involved in the conversation. Following a conversation means that all updates for this conversation are pushed to your inbox. You can be a follower without actively participating in the discussion. You can see who are the followers in the sidebar where it says Followers.
When a conversation is assigned to you, you are automatically also following it, meaning that all updates are pushed to your inbox and you will receive email notifications about updates.

To unfollow conversations assigned to you, you need to have them re-assigned to someone else first.

While several people on your team may participate in a conversation as followers, the conversation is assigned to a single user. Whenever needed, conversations can be re-assigned to someone else.
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