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Getting started for administrators


Welcome, here is where you will learn about creating a Replypad workspace and starting to work with Replypad.

If you’re new to Replypad, read Replypad in a nutshell for a general overview of how things work. To join an existing workspace, check out Getting started for team members.

Step 1: Create Workspace

First, in order to create your own workspace, visit Create workspace for step-by-step instructions to follow along with.

At the end of the workspace creation process, you will have signed-up to Replypad and created your own workspace. You’re now the administrator of your workspace. Click the workspace to enter and start working!

Before moving on to the next step, make sure to finish setting up your profile .

Now you can move on and set up your mailbox.

Step 2: Set Up Your Mailbox

In order for emails to arrive into Replypad, you will need to set up the Replypad mailbox and forward your emails into this mailbox.

To set up your mailbox, see the Set up your mailbox step-by-step guide.

Step 3: Send A Test Email Into Replypad

Before inviting members to join your workspace, we recommend on testing that your support email address now diverts your emails into Replypad.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your personal email client
  2. Send an email message to your support email address. This is the email address you defined for your mailbox. It should appear in Replypad in the Gear Icon then Mailboxes settings:
  3. Open Replypad and click the Team Inbox to view all newly arriving email messages.
  4. You should see your email message in the Team Inbox and Unassigned.
  5. You can now assign it, reply to it, add notes, add public replies and so on.
  6. Next step is to Invite Team Members to the Workspace and let them join the game.

Step 4: Invite Team Members To The Workspace

Now that you’ve completed the initial steps to set up your workspace, it’s time to invite more team members into the workspace. You can start by adding team members as users in Replypad. Then start running conversations with them. Make sure you have worked through the mailbox setup first, and that you have tested the forward mechanism to receive emails into Replypad using your support email address.

Users are people who are part of your team, and that will be working on conversations together with you. Each user logs into Replypad and has their own inbox to work with.

You can invite team members to your workspace from the following places:

  1. By creating new users in Replypad.
  2. inviting new users from the workspace settings.

Now that you have some team members in your workspace, you can now move on to the next step and start conversations with your team members and customers.

Step 5: Collaborate With Your Team

In this step you should already have one or more additional team members defined in Replypad, so you can collaborate.

Ways to start collaborating can be:

Step 6: Automate whatever you can

Automation in Replyad means you let the app do stuff for you, especially tasks that do not really require you personal attention.

  • Automate responses – instead of repeatedly copying and pasting the same email response, you can save time by using Saved Responses.
  • Triggers (rules) – define a set of rules (triggers) that are checked and executed when an Event occurs. An event can be a conversation being created or a conversation being updated. Each Trigger has a condition and actions. When the condition is met – the actions are executed. It’s fun and very helpful. Read all about it in understanding triggers.
  • Keybord shortcuts – Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts to make your work fast and easy.
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