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Understanding My Inbox

This article explains the main concepts of My Inbox. To learn about actions you can perform, see Working with My Inbox .

What is My Inbox?

My Inbox is your main working area. This is where you see all the conversations and updates that are relevant to you. Your inbox helps you stay focused and be on top of everything you need to be involved in, in one place.

You can see it as your main “to-do list”, where only you can dismiss (remove) a conversation from your own inbox when you are done working on it.

Conversations in your inbox may be assigned to you or assigned to someone else, in case you are just following the conversation, or being asked for advice.
My inbox shows all conversations relevant to you

When does a conversation reach My Inbox?

Whenever a conversation is created or has a new post, and you are the assignee or a follower for this conversation, it will be pushed into your inbox. You can also explicitly add a conversation to your inbox without following it.

A conversation reaches your inbox in the following cases: When a conversation reaches your inbox because someone else has created it or posted to it or because you snoozed it, it will appear bold at the top of the list until you read it.

When does a conversation get removed (dismissed) from My Inbox?

Only you can remove a conversation from your inbox by dismissing it. When you dismiss a conversation it is removed only from your inbox. It does not change the status of the conversation, unless you choose to change the status while dismissing, as explained below.

A dismissed conversation may be:
  • Assigned to you. If the conversation is assigned to you, it must be is status Closed in order for you to be able to dismiss it from your inbox. If it is still open, you must close it first. You can close a conversation by changing its status to closed before or while dismissing, or by using the “Close” option while posting a public reply.
  • Not assigned to you. If the conversation is not assigned to you, you can dismiss it from your inbox at any time, whether it’s closed or not.

Working with My Inbox

Once a conversation reaches your inbox (i.e. it’s displayed under the My Inbox view), it becomes a part of the list of conversations you need to take care of. You can go over the conversations, post internal notes or public replies, change priority, labels, or team, reassign the conversation, close the conversation, dismiss from your inbox, and more.

You can learn about all actions you can perform from My Inbox in Working with My Inbox .
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