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Email notifications for contacts (customers)


What are email notifications for contacts?

Contacts (usually your customers) are listed in the conversation’s To-contact and the Cc-recipients.

Contacts receive email notifications when:
  • A conversation is created in Replypad (this is an auto-response email).
  • A user in Replypad replies to the contact by posting a public reply.
Note that contacts do not receive notifications about other updates, because the internal conversation details are available only to the workspace users (team members).

Also note that sending an auto-response for new emails is optional per mailbox. See more details in the tip below.

When do contacts receive email notifications?

Contacts (usually your customers) will receive an email for the following events:
  • A new conversation is automatically created from an email – this is an auto-response (see tip below) notifying the customer that their email has been accepted.
  • A new conversation is manually created by a team member – this is also an auto-response (see tip below) notifying the customer that a new conversation has been started. .
  • A team member posts a public reply to a conversation.
Sending auto-response emails when a new conversation is created (either automatically or manually) is optional. By default this option is turned ON, however, workspace administrators can manage this option per mailbox. See more details in Mailbox Settings.

Contact replies

Contacts (usually your customers) can reply to the email they receive from Replypad directly from their email client. Their email message is processed in Replypad and is automatically posted under the relevant conversation in Replypad.

Contacts replies, like other updates, send automatic email notifications to the assignee as well as to all followers, as explained in email notifications for users.
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