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Workspace owner

What is a workspace owner?

By creating workspace, you will become the workspace owner for this workspace. Workspace owners have admin rights for the workspace and can promote other users to be admins. Each workspace has a single Owner.

It is clearly indicated which user is the Owner in the Users list, and when viewing the User details, under the privileges area. An owner user is always an admin (has Admin privileges). The Owner user can naturally perform any action workspace administrators can, and in addition, the owner user is the only user that can access billing information and plan settings.

Other administrator users cannot change the settings (such as status, role. privileges-group, email) of an Owner user. Only the owner user can change their own settings.

Make another user the workspace owner

We offer an option to make another admin the workspace owner, this option is available only to an Owner admin that can then transfer the ownership of the workspace – the need to enter the User details page of another active/admin/user and from the More dropdown select the ‘Make workspace owner’ option.
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