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User preferences

Edit user preferences

The user preferences is where you set your personal preferences for this workspace.
To edit your user’s preferences:
  1. Click the person icon in the top-right corner of the window
  2. Select Preferences.

Email notifications

Email notifications will be sent to you when you are following a conversation, either as assignee or as a follower.

Email notification options are:

Turn on/off – You can turn the email notifications on or off as follows:
  • On (is the default):
    You should select for which actions you want to receive notifications:
    • Actions performed by others (recommended).
    • Actions performed by others and me.
  • Off – permanently or for a limited period of time: next hour, next 4 hours, next 8 hours, 24 hours.
See Email notifications for the complete list of actions that trigger email notifications.


Select the default text direction for new messages you compose within the Replypad app:
  • Left to right (workspace default).
  • Right to left.
Note that setting the direction will override the relevant settings defined for the workspace.


The signature is a text that is added automatically at the end of public replies users post in a conversation. See User signature for complete details about adding and editing your personal signature to outgoing replies.
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