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Incoming email to conversations


How are incoming emails processed?

When incoming emails arrive at Replypad, they are processed in the following manner:
  • In case the email does not relate to an existing conversation, a new conversation is created.
  • All people listed in the email (all under To and Cc) are linked to existing contacts or new contacts are created for them (this is true for any inbound email, even for existing conversations).
  • When creating contacts for them – we attempt to link such contacts to an account – based on the domain part of the “from” email address.

What happens with inactive account or contacts?

If the incoming email is detected as coming from an existing contact, which is inactive, Replypad will link the conversation to the inactive contact.
Inactive account and contact conversation

In case this is a new contact and we find an account to link the incoming contact to (according to the email’s URL), and the account is inactive, such contact will be created as inactive. This is because an inactive account cannot hold active contact linked to them.

In any case, Replypad accepts new conversations and replies from inactive contacts or accounts and logs them in the system as conversations, like any other incoming email.
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