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Understanding workspaces


What is a workspace?

The Replypad Workspace is an online space where you manage your organization.
Workspace contains people, mailboxes and conversations.

People in your workspace

Each person in your organization who uses Replypad is referred to as a Workspace User. Your customers or end-users are listed as Contacts. Contacts may optionally be related to an organization or a company, known as Accounts in Replypad. All email interaction is managed in Conversation.

Who creates the workspace?

Any user in Replypad can create their own workspace. Usually a business owner or administrator will create the workspace and take care of all the workspace settings. By creating a workspace, you will become the workspace owner. Other people can join the workspace as users (team members) or as contacts (customers).

How can I join an existing workspace?

Users and contacts (customers) should to be invited in order to join an existing workspace. Invitations can arrive by email or as a pending invitation in Replypad.

Managing your workspaces

Once you create your Replypad profile you can use it to join existing workspaces or create new ones. All workspaces that you own or have joined are managed in a single place. From the workspace management page you can see all of these workspaces, create new workspaces, and access the workspace settings such as the workspace name, URL, mailboxes and more, for workspaces you own.

You can refer to the manage your workspaces guide for more details.
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