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Conversation priority

What is priority?

Priority indicates that this is a priority conversation.

Setting a conversation as priority means:
  • The conversation will appear with the Priority indication in the list and in the details.
  • Priority conversations are ones that you would normally act on first.
  • Anyone that can edit the conversation can also mark it or unmark it as a priority conversation.
  • The conversation’s assignee and follower user will receive an email notification for this update.

Set conversation as priority

  1. Open the conversation details or select the conversation in the list.
  2. Click the Prioritize button on the toolbar, or use the p keyboard shortcut.
    Set converstaion priority
  3. Conversation will now appear with a red up-arrow in the subject line, indicating it is a priority conversation.
    Conversation priority

Set conversation as priority using triggers

Triggers are a set of user defined rules that help you automate your work.

You can use triggers to automatically assign a conversation as priority, when the condition you define is met. For example, if a conversation is created for a specific account, then set it as a priority conversation.

See Set priority using triggers for a detailed usage example.
See Triggers for complete step-by-step explanation about creating triggers.
If you are new to triggers, we recommend on reading understanding triggers first.
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