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What are spam messages?

Spam messages are inbound email message that are suspected as spam and therefore do not reach the inbox views, but rather reach the Spam view.

Users may also delete incoming messages and mark them as Spam. Marking as Spam will delete and keep a SPAM indication on the conversation.

How to mark messages as spam?

Using the Spam button the the conversations list, or Delete & Report Spam option in the conversation’s details toolbar, will move the conversation to the Trash and mark it as Spam.

Working with spam messages

  • When an incoming message is detected as spam, it is automatically moved to the Spam view, available from the More menu in the main views toolbar. An indication will show that there are new spam messages to be reviewed.
    • You can mark a spam message as not-spam and it will then be processed like a normal incoming message.
    • If you decide that this is indeed a spam message, you may permanently delete it and remove from the trash.
  • Marking a message as spam manually will basically delete it (move to the Trash folder) and mark it as spam. You can undelete the message if you decide it is not spam. Undeleting will remove the spam indication and will move it back to the inbox view.
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