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Shared inbox software for Pipedrive CRM

CRM plus Shared Inbox software - Get the team efficient and win more sales.

Having the right tools to manage your business means smoother operations and better productivity. There are a lot of unique and innovative tools, apps, and solutions that you can use to run a business, and choosing between them depends on the specific operational requirements and your team’s goals.

Given the fact that there are so many different requirements and specific needs, it can be pretty challenging trying to find a single solution that “has it all.” Luckily, there are ways that you can make different tools work together, so you don’t need to compromise. You can choose the tools you need and integrate them to enjoy the most of both worlds.

One example of a primary software tool that many businesses use is CRM systems. CRM software is a platform that connects marketing and sales and sometimes other departments to share customer data into one cohesive system. Using a CRM in your business has many benefits: the ability to segment customers, centralize and organize leads, forecast sales trends, manage deals, send email campaigns to customers, automate tasks and data entry, and discover actionable trends in customer data. These benefits help companies offer better marketing capabilities and lead management, ultimately increasing lead conversion rates and marketing goals.

Another example is software to help you manage communication with your customers. Email communication is an effective and popular channel that utilizes email to keep communication with your customers and leads flowing. Companies that use email management tools, such as Shared Inbox systems, find it easier to keep an open and reliable communication channel with customers and manage incoming company inboxes as a team. Working with a Shared Inbox software solution to communicate with your customers has many benefits: better communications and visibility throughout your teams, conversations are tracked easily, your emails are well organized, you can divide the workload between teammates, team collaboration becomes more accessible and effective, you can provide faster solutions for customer issues, you can automate everyday tasks, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and team productivity.

In this article, we’ll talk about CRM integration with email management apps and how it can transform your business for the better. We will focus on Pipedrive CRM, and Replypad shared inbox software and how integrating both can boost your productivity and enhance your workflows.

Pipedrive CRM

Sales and marketing with Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM software designed for sales teams that helps you:

  • Organize your sales, marketing, and customer relationships in one place.

  • Keep your sales data visible, accessible, and simple to manage.

  • Empower salespeople to collaborate, optimize their sales process, and forecast sales cycles.

  • Manage leads, add deals, set their value, win probability and expected close date, and organize and track them.

  • Send email marketing campaigns that enable salespeople and marketing teams to create, send, track, and better manage their email marketing flow.


Email communication with Replypad

Replypad is a shared inbox solution designed for teams that helps you:

  • Aggregate emails from one or more company email accounts, e.g., sales@ and support@, into a collaborative space.

  • Assign emails to specific users to assure accountability and reliability.

  • Automate email-related communication tasks and workflows.

  • Collaborate with teammates internally and send better answers to your customers.

  • Leverage a growing number of saved responses to provide more thorough and complete customer answers faster.

  • Protect customer data and manage who sees what.

  • Keep data and email threads organized and categorized.

  • Analyze business activity with reports.

Why is the integration between a CRM and a shared inbox important?

Each of these applications is a window into some aspect of your business. But unfortunately, when they don’t “talk” to each other, things become complicated.

Some of the issues you may be facing when working with two separate tools are:

  • Lack of a complete view of your business. Customer information gets scattered around in separate tools and apps.

  • You have multiple browser windows and tabs. You open different apps in separate browsers and need endless clicks to navigate between them repeatedly.

  • Lack of context. Reps replying to a customer might miss the critical context of a situation with a customer, which may result in a poor customer experience.

  • Sales reps might miss deals. Miscommunication between departments can result in missed deals. For example, if a sales rep follows up with the customer about a deal while there’s a significant support issue, this can make the customer feel a poor support experience.

  • Waste of time. It wastes time when you need to switch between tools and search for the same information in each application separately.

  • Lack of full transparency between departments.

    Transparency makes all teams more engaged and creates better collaboration between departments.

When you have an integration channel showing information from one app in the other app, this can eliminate these issues.

Pipedrive CRM and Replypad integration

Replypad Pipedrive

The purpose of integration between apps is to provide you with a complete view of your business and customers by showing the relevant data from one app to the other.

It becomes simple enough to get your key information in one spot so that everyone knows what’s happening with the customer. Integrated systems are beneficial since they eliminate the need for multiple logins and browser windows.

Replypad integrates with Pipedrive to bring information about your contacts, deals, and activities from Pipedrive into the conversation in Replypad. Using the integration, your team has full context on each customer they reply to, right where they need it. You can also click to open Deals and Contacts in Pipedrive directly from the Replypad Conversation without searching for it again or switching browser tabs manually.

Things you can do when using the Replypad shared inbox Pipedrive integration, right within the context of the email conversation in Replypad:

  • View Pipedrive’s Contact details: Phone numbers, Addresses, Organization names, and more.

  • View the latest notes for this contact from Pipedrive in Replypad.

  • View Pipedrive’s Deals details related to the person you’re communicating with for a better context when handling the conversation and communicating with the customer or lead. Details displayed include the deal amount, the pipeline it is a part of, the stage of the deal within this pipeline, the status, the latest notes, and more.

  • One-click jump to the Deal in Pipedrive: You’re always one click away from managing the Deal details in Pipedrive.

  • Open Contact details in Pipedrive: Open the Contact’s details in Pipedrive in a separate tab, where you can view all deals.

Pipedrive CRM data within Replypad Conversation

Maximize productivity with Pipedrive CRM integration

With the full context and the information about pending or won deals with the person you and your team communicate with, you can provide better and faster responses.

The following are the main advantages of using the integration:

  • Better data flow between teams. Sales managers can track all client answers by email, giving them a more active role in customer engagement. Sales, Support, Marketing, and Finance teams across platforms see the same data.

  • Customer data is always up-to-date. Live details display from Pipedrive ensures that customer data is always current within the conversation. Users are well-informed about the customer when replying to inquiries, which can help you prevent mistakes and miscommunication.

  • Teams can collaborate when communicating with customers. For example, if a support representative sees a sales opportunity while replying to a customer, they can easily loop in the relevant sales rep, who will take it from there.

  • Running a business becomes more efficient and convenient. All information is well organized with clear owners. Customer emails and sales opportunities never slip through the cracks, and everyone knows their assignments. There is transparency, data flows between the teams, and everyone can handle things much more smoothly.

  • Better customer service. Working with both apps helps you provide better customer service and more accurate sales-related follow-ups.

Using Replypad with Pipedrive

Replypad is a modern shared inbox solution that lets sales, support, and finance teams collaborate and work together as a team when working with customers. Replypad is designed from the ground up to keep your business organized, your team efficient, and your customers happy. Replypad empowers teams and scales as a company grows.

Integrating with Pipedrive is straightforward. Once connected, you can access the details of a specific person, organization, or deal in Pipedrive right from the Conversation in Replypad.

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