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Customizable Shared Inbox Software – Make It Your Own!

Tailor your customer communication tool to your specific business requirements.

Empower your team recent conversations context

Expand Replypad with the Conversation Custom Fields app

Manage custom conversation fields from the conversation’s sidebar.

Conversation custom fields allow you to customize and tailor the Replypad conversation details to meet your business needs.

Having the relevant specific details you need helps you provide better customer service and offer faster and more accurate responses.

Replypad conversations have core fields that help your entire team handle customer requests efficiently. Often, you need to track and manage additional information or require industry-specific data fields to become a native part of every conversation. That’s where custom fields come in.

With custom fields, you define the exact information you need handy when conversing with your customers and colleagues.

The Conversation Custom Fields app enhances your team’s efficiency by displaying and allowing the editing of additional information – all within the context of the conversation. This not only saves time but also ensures that your responses are more accurate and personalized.

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