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Accurate Billing Begins with Intuitive Charge Logging

Record charges for time spent, services provided, and products used directly within the conversation details page.

Efficient billing starts with recording charges during issue resolution.

Expand Replypad with the Conversation Charges app

Handle all charges related to a conversation within the conversation itself.

The Conversation Charges app enables the team to log charges for products and parts used, time spent, and services provided directly within the context of the conversation, all while addressing customer inquiries and resolving their issues.

The app also lets you log time entries for non-billing purposes. Log your activity and the related time spent while handling customer requests, with no billing implications.

Using the Conversation Charges app assists in billing more accurately and ensures no charge is missed. Your billing process becomes more efficient, and logging charges becomes more convenient. When reviewing a conversation, you’ll have quick access to all charges already logged under this customer request or service ticket, allowing you to grasp the entire picture more rapidly. This also helps prevent double charging for the same service, and you will easily detect cases where charges are missing.

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